Step4 is the first Italian social enterprise focused on education for active global citizenship.

Our mission is to grow and spread innovative and sustainable social practices, promoting citizenship education and improving CBO’s effectiveness and social impact.

Step 4 is an Italian social enterprise created in Milan in 2014 by a group of professionals experienced in identification, preparation, implementation and management of projects co-financed by the main public and private donors, at Italian and EU level.

Our team is composed by skilled, motivated and inspiring professionals from the field of international cooperation, development education, training methodologies, project management, organizational development, social communication.

Members skills includes: assessment, identification and formulation of project proposals; project management; financial planning and resources allocation; monitoring and evaluation; financial management and procurement procedures; training in formal and informal contexts, capacity building on CSO’s and migrants organization; national and European networking; awareness raising campaigns.

All our members have a long term experience in managing, monitoring and evaluating projects funded by several donors: UE EuropeAid, UE DG Home, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italian Minister of Home Affairs, private foundations, private enterprises, local authorities and other minor donors.